The center of the disc has a decorative screw that can be removed to gain access to the interior of the vessel. After inserting your mementos, be sure to clear the interior threads. I'd suggest adding a drop of super glue on the screw to seal it permanently.

There are several options for the center stone available, peridot, citrine, amethyst, pearl, amber as well as others upon request.

Care Instructions
As with all jewelry, a certain amount of care must be taken to maintain its beauty. This pendant is water proof, but I wouldn't suggest swimming with it. A quick dip in the shower with you shouldn't harm it. However, you should dry it off and avoid body lotion, hairspray, and perfumes which will create a corrosive environment. Striking the stone against a hard or sharp surface, of course, could result in cracking or scratching.

I stand behind the workmanship of all VWD Jewelry 100%. There are no returns on custom-made work.

Memento Vitae Memorial Ring

  • Memento Vitae Memorial Jewelry is my answer for the human need to hold whom and what we love close to us. Unlike the momento mori jewelry of the Victorian period, which was a reminder of our own mortality, my Memento Vitae serve to remind us of who or what is special and important in each of our lives.