Victoria Woollen-Danner

Simply put, I love working with my hands and making stuff, whether that is shaping a loaf of bread or a beautiful pendant. I have had the opportunity to seriously pursue my passion, making jewelry. I am inspired by the simple elegance, color and patterns of the world. I have traveled to Iceland, the Pyrenees, Paris, London, Alaska and back again! I am fortunate that when I am home, I am surrounded by the beautiful mountains of western Maine or the abundant forests and rivers of central Illinois.


Even though I enjoy making all types of jewelry, I have a deep interest in cremation pendant reliquaries. When I lost both my husband and my mother within a short time, I realized there was nothing acceptable on the market to hold their ashes. I needed a small, beautiful and personal object to both ritualize that grief and honor the people I loved.


So, I began my Memento Vitae line. I make the Mementos as relevant and sacred to the family as I possibly can-- often incorporating personal items such as the rings of those they've lost-- and hopefully, too, help someone heal just a little bit.


I have taught metalsmithing and enameling workshops, have worked as a bench jeweler in a fine jewelry store and independently in my own studio, where I often provide private tutoring.